Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 2, Episode 4- Dagger of the Mind

Lillian Stanhope is a demanding actress pretending she doesn’t love her husband to scam money from a wealthy producer. He discovers the rouse so she and her husband Nicky hit him over the head and stuff him in a massive trunk. They drive him to his own house and put him at the bottom of the stairs to make it look like the old guy had a fall.
Columbo appears at 15 minutes and 24 seconds. He is inexplicably in London and has lost all of his luggage. There’s a lot of ‘blimey guvnor’ style dialogue.
Lillian and Nicky are terrible murderers. Honor Blackman is also a terrible actress, she seems to think that acting just means shouting. It kind of ruined this episode. The columboid is pretty good though and involves umbrellas, waxworks and broken pearls.
During this episode we learn that Columbo has a brother-in-law who he borrowed a camera from, he once broke the spine of his mother-in-law’s cookbook and she almost hit him with a frying pan and he enjoys fish and chips although they greasy.
During this episode I ironed my very own Columbo-esque coat. The ironing made it a lot less Columbo-esque.

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