Friday, 28 January 2011

Season 3, Episode 2- Any Old Port in a Storm

Donald Pleasance is Adrian Carsini, a wine connoisseur, His younger brother Rick is going to sell Adrian’s beloved vineyard. In anger Adrian bashes Rick over the head. Luckily Rick isn’t dead, Adrian isn’t a murderer, huzzah! Now all he needs to do is call an ambulance and clear the whole mess up but’s what’s this, oh dear he’s tying up his unconscious brother and hiding him in a wine cellar. After this insane deed he goes away on a week long trip to New York and spends $23,000 on wine. Thus pretty much ensuring his brother’s death. When he gets back he dumps Rick’s body at sea and makes it look like a scuba diving accident.
Columbo appears at 19 minutes and 18 seconds.
The columboid involves oxidised port (hence the punny title).
Things we learn about Columbo: Columbo is Italian, he is the only Italian in the world that can’t sing, he doesn’t drink anything he can’t pronounce, his writing is so bad he thinks he should’ve been a doctor, his grandfather used to let him stomp on grapes when he made wine at home, he likes Alan Ladd and thinks This Gun for Hire is a good film, he has over 100,000 mile son his car and he claims to have a kid!
During this episode I mended a dress.

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