Friday, 28 January 2011

Season 3, Episode 7- Swan Song

Johnny Cash is a country singer. Not just in real life but also in the fictional world of Columbo. In this world his name is Tommy Brown, ahhh. His wife is a religious fanatic who won’t let him fool around with young girls and buy a rolls Royce. Instead she wants to use his money to build a big massive church.
After a successful gig they get ready to board a plane that Tommy is going to fly. Tommy drugs up Edna and her protege Mary Ann. They’re quietly dozing whilst he flies them around. He then parachutes out and leaves them to crash and burn.
Columbo appears at 21 minutes and 49 seconds and he has some pretty strong suspicions about old Tommy. He starts hanging round so he can catch him out and even eats chilli made with squirrel meat at a Tommy Brown party.
The columboid is Columbo tricking Tommy into going back to the crash site to retrieve his hidden parachute.
Things we learn about Columbo: he was in the military police during the Korean War and, contrary to his claim in ‘Double Exposure’, his wife does all the shopping.
During this episode I sewed buttons onto a cardigan.

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