Sunday, 2 October 2011

Season 4, Episode 4- Troubled Waters

Columbo makes an early appearance at only 42 seconds as he boards a cruise ship. He’s looking for the ever elusive Mrs Columbo. He asks a sea-faring fellow if he’s seen her- she has black hair in a bun and is the same height as him. He hasn’t seen her.
Also aboard are Robert Vaughan and his shrewish wife and Dean Stockwell who is anxious to see a sexy lady named Rosanna. Turns out Rosanna doesn’t want to see Dean, she’s having an affair with Robert Vaughan and is now blackmailing him. He has to get rid of her before the rich shrew finds out! So he fakes a heart attack and is taken to the ship’s hospital. Rosanna is a singer on board the ship. She has awful clothes, an awful voice and an awful face. Pretty sure she smells awful too, probably a mix of talcum powder and fish. During her break from singing terribly Robert Vaughan sneaks out of the hospital and shoots her. He also does a little Dean Stockwell frame up job.
Obviously Columbo is called in to investigate. He is very sweaty in this episode, probably distressed about not being able to find his wife and annoyed that his holiday has been ruined by another posho murdering someone.
The columboid: he uses powder to prove Vaughan’s finger prints are on the inside of the surgical gloves!
Things we learn about Columbo: his brother in law has an auto repair shop in the valley, he hasn’t been on a boat before, he gets sea sick.
I felt very sleepy during this episode.

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