Sunday, 12 May 2013

Season 9, Episode 4- Rest in Peace Mrs Columbo

There’s a funeral and a voice over. Columbo shows up at a mere 32 seconds. What the heck is going on here then? I’ll tell you what, it’s Mrs Columbo’s funeral. WHAT?
Cut to flashback. Vivienne Dimitri is an estate agent in a sports car. She’s having an affair with Lovejoy, except he’s not a loveable antiques dealer here. He’s something else. So, it turns out Vivienne’s husband was some top financial guy, who stole a client’s money, killed the client, went to prison then died of a heart attack. She blames her boss for this so she kills him. With a gun. Then goes on a date with Lovejoy. They do sex in an anonymous room with the lights off.
It turns out she also blames Columbo for her husband’s imprisonment and death. As he investigates the murder she gives him jars of marmalade to slowly poison his wife. He tells her she’s died of a heart attack but it’s all a lie. He knew all along that she was a crazy killer and Mrs Columbo is alive and kicking! Huzzah! The columboid is once again basically entrapment.
Things we learn about Columbo: he’s been married 28 or 29 years next January, he never bets, his wife likes marmalade but her prefers a smooth jam, he likes Gary Cooper, Louis Armstrong and Mark Twain, his wife plays the piano but not well, he never had children but looked after his sister Ruth’s kid’s, he walks the dog 5 times a day and he doesn’t have a dentist. That’s a lot of stuff.
I feel as if someone wanted this to the Citizen Kane of Columbos. But it's better than that because it's not boring and it's in colour.
During this episode I ate Chinese food and drank fizzy pop.

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