Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Season 10, Episode 2- Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to your Health

George Hamilton is Wade Anders, the anchor of a Crime Watch-esque show called CRIME ALERT (caps mine). Some guy called Budd wants to be the anchor and he’s prepared to use blackmail to get what he wants. Turns out old Wade was in a ‘skin flick’ with an under aged girl back in the day. If this gets out he’ll be ruined. There’s only one solution- KILLING (caps mine). So he poisons Budd’s cigarettes and sits back and relaxes.
Relaxes until Columbo shows up at 26 minutes and 40 seconds. Columbo bumbles around but he knows who the guilty party is and he won’t stop until he’s pestered him into confessing.
The columboid is dog scratches and trimmed hedges.
During this episode we learn that Columbo has had the same barber for 20 years, his wife would like it if he was sexier and he needs a tape deck in his car.
I created a stink during this episode.

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