Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pilot 1- Prescription Murder

Our first visit from Columbo is not disappointing, although he is significantly neater than in later episodes, which feels a little odd. In this episode Dr Ray Fleming dupes a foolish young actress in to helping him kill his wife. After strangling his nagging old lady, he boards a plane with his lover disguised as the wife, giving himself the perfect alibi.
Columbo appears at 31 minutes 48 seconds wearing his trademark overcoat and chomping on a cigar. Columbo also has a surprise for the doctor- his wife isn’t actually dead! She wakes from a coma long enough to say his name but the stupid medical experts assume this is a gesture of love and not an accusation. Luckily, Columbo is on the case.
From this episode we glean that Columbo has a wife and drinks bourbon.
During this episode I ate a deformed Malteser.

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