Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pilot 2- Ransom for a Dead Man

It’s surprising that they needed another pilot, surely after one show they knew they were on to a winner? Anyway during this second pilot gold digger Lesley Williams kills her husband then sets it up to look like a kidnapping. This firmly establishes the convoluted nature of the murders that are a staple of Columbo.
Our man makes an early appearance at 12 minutes and five seconds, fumbling about in the dark for his pen. He appears at first to have a lot of sympathy for the widow Williams but soon enlists her Double Indemnity watching step daughter to help him trap her. The trap involves keys and a suitcase of money and an airport. It works brilliantly.
From this episode we learn that Columbo has a fear of flying and that he enjoys eating chilli. He also drinks a root beer.
During this episode I created a stationery drawer. That’s a drawer to store my stationery.

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