Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 1, Episode 1- Murder by the Book

Jim and Ken are writing partners, except Jim does all the writing. Their mystery books feature an old lady sleuth called Mrs Melville and have sold millions. Jim wants to strike out on his own but this doesn’t please Ken, who cooks up a convoluted murder to dispatch his partner. Trouble is there’s a horse faced witness about and she’s not sure if she wants hush money or a new boyfriend. A second murder ensues. Columbo appears at 17 minutes and 16 seconds. His hair is looking a little wilder.
This episode was directed by Steven Spielberg.
We learn that Columbo can’t cook, except for omelettes and that his coat has no lining. Columbo drinks a bourbon during this episode. It’s fast becoming his favourite drink.
During this episode I put my pyjamas on. It was 5.45pm.

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