Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 1, Episode 7- Blueprint for Murser

Beau Williamson’s wife has committed a stack of his money to architect Elliot Markham’s new project. When Beau returns from a long trip to Europe and finds out he’s not too happy and pulls the plug on the project. There’s only one way for Elliot to solve this problem. Murder. Columbo appears at 12 minutes 10 seconds. There’s no body but this doesn’t phase Columbo. Very clever columboid in which Columbo digs up the foundations of the building Markham is working on, knowing that the body won’t be there, tricking Markham to taking the body from its hiding place to then bury in the place Columbo has already searched. Sounds complicated but works like a dream.
In this episode we learn that Columbo likes classical music, has low blood pressure and that his brother in law is an attorney. In this episode he carries raisins and half a candy bar round in his pockets.
Immediately prior to this episode I walked to the shop in my pyjamas. I now exist in a sub-strata of society.

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