Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 2, Episode 1- Étude in Black

Alex Benedict is a top conductor. He is also unfaithful to his wife. His pianist lover Jennifer is about to confess all to his wife. So he pretends he’s having a nap before a big gig and sneaks off to kill her. He whacks her over the head with an ashtray, puts her head in the oven and switches the gas on thus killing her and her cockatoo Chopin.
Columbo appears at 23 minutes and 58 seconds. He is at a vet’s surgery with his new dog, he just picked it up from the pound. He almost calls the dog Fido and Beethoven but doesn’t think they suit it. He wants to give the dog a name that fits him but all he does is sleep and drool.
This episode is studded with stars; John Casavettes, Blythe Danner and Myrna Loy. Although the credit reads differently Peter Falk and John Casavettes directed this episode.
Columbo catches Benedict because he foolishly left behind the flower from his lapel at the house of murder then idiotically takes it back afterwards.
In this episode we learn that Columbo makes £11,000 a year, is fascinated by money, he would like to see everyone die of old age and he receives car advice from a cockney mechanic.
I watched this episode with the greatest person that ever lived. She fell asleep.

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