Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 2, Episode 2- The Greenhouse Jungle

Ray Milland (again!) is uncle Jarvis, setting up a fake kidnapping for his nephew Tony so he can get his hands on his trust fund cash. Unfortunately for Tony, Jarvis wants all the cash for himself and shoots him.
Columbo appears at 8 minutes and 37 seconds and promptly falls down a steep hill. He has an eager young rookie called Freddie Wilson working with him. Wilson claims Columbo is a legend in the department.
There’s a particularly convoluted columboid involving two guns, bullets and a plant pot.
During this episode we learn that Columbo’s wife is trying to grow an African violet, he needs to take care of his telephone bill, he loves pool and played it as a kid and he varies his chilli by having it without beans.
During this episode I talked to a dog.

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