Sunday, 9 October 2011

Season 4, Episode 6- A Deadly State of Mind

George Hamilton is Marcus Collier, a weird manipulative ‘doctor’ that drugs and hypnotises woman in order to cure their mental illness. He’s quite ethically having an affair with one of these women. Her name is Nadja. A sexy blonde doctor knows Collier is using drugs he shouldn’t be. He’s also trying to persuade her to fake some lab results so he can publish a book. So far things aren’t great but they just get worse when Nadja’s husband finds out about the affair and gleefully beats her. Collier hits him with a poker and then they invent a cockamamie story about robbers breaking in and killing him. He finally catches a break as the only witness is a blind man.
We hear Columbo’s voice at 14 minutes and 44 seconds and then we see his back at 14 minutes and 46 seconds. He doesn’t believe Collier and Nadja’s story and goes about dismantling Nadja’s fragile mental health in order to get them to confess. Frightened that she’s going to blab Collier hypnotises her into jumping out of a window.
The columboid: he uses the blind man’s brother to trick him.
Things we learn about Columbo: his car is French and has thin tyres, he takes his coffee black, he couldn’t afford a beach house and he likes cream soda.
I drank hot chocolate during this episode.

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