Sunday, 9 October 2011

Season 5, Episode 1- Forgotten Lady

Janet Leigh is a mad old has-been star of musicals called Grace. Even though she is old she’s attempting to resurrect her career by starring in a Broadway show. She wants her husband Henry to finance the whole venture but he refuses. She gives him an extra sleeping pill then goes off to watch one of her own films in her private cinema. Half way through she whips off her big white mu-mu, gets a gun, creeps upstairs, shoots Henry, locks the door, climbs out of the window and goes back to watching the film.
Columbo shows up at 22 minutes and 27 seconds and looks very sleepy. It’s 1:30am and Columbo exclaims “Lucky I didn’t show up in my pyjamas” Hahahahahahahahaha, oh Columbo! He forgotten his notebook and pen and has to borrow one from the butler. Henry has had a cadaveric spasm which makes everyone think it’s suicide but Columbo knows better.
The Columboid: she was watching a 105 minute film for 120 minutes.
This episode is kinda crappy because it turns out Janet Leigh has some kind of brain tumour and doesn’t even know she’s killed her husband. She has mere weeks to live so some guy called Ned takes the blame. It’s saved by the scene in which Columbo feeds his dog ice cream. Classic.
We learn that Columbo likes gangster films but his wife forces him to see musicals, he doesn’t function well at night, the sight of blood makes him sick, he doesn’t carry a gun and hasn’t been to the pistol range for 5 years.
I washed my space shuttle duvet cover and pillow case during this episode.

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