Saturday, 25 February 2012

Season 6, Episode 2- Old Fashioned Murder

Aunt Ruth runs the family museum, her brother Edward wants to cut the museum budget, her niece Janey wants her to go on dates. Dates with men. Janey is having an affair with Tim and blinded by love she employs his ex-con gambling addict brother Milton as a security guard. Aunt Ruth approaches Milton and asks him to set up a fake robbery at the museum. But instead of a fake robbery Ruth shoots Milton and her brother Edward.
Columbo shows up at 17 minutes and 3 seconds. The news of the murder sends Ruth’s sister into a fainting frenzy and makes their housekeeper hysterical, Janey is constantly on edge. Murdering aside Ruth seems to be the only person in the household not mentally ill. Their fridge is the colour of cheap chocolate ice cream. Bit of an odd hue. As part of his investigations Columbo gets a super haircut.
The Columboid: the artefact Ruth claimed was missing for two weeks had been recorded on Edward’s inventory on the night of the murder.
Things we learn about Columbo: he has an allergy, he doesn’t want to take anti-histamines as they make him sleepy, last year he went on holidays to the Islands and had to be vaccinated
During this episode I ate a roast dinner. It was 11am.

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