Saturday, 25 February 2012

Season 6, Episode 3- The Bye Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case

Oliver and Bertie are partners in the Company. They are also members of a Mensa- like high IQ society. At one of their meetings they go upstairs to look at a dictionary. Bertie tells Oliver he knows he’s stealing from the Company. Oliver shoots him. Then he faffs about setting up some kind of murder trap before going downstairs to talk to the other smart-holes. The murder trap thing causes some shooting sounds and everyone runs upstairs. It looks like Bertie has just been killed by an intruder and not by Oliver ten minutes ago.
Columbo shows up in a haze of smoke at 16 minutes and 17 seconds. He follows Oliver around a park whilst he eats an ice cream and tries to dispose of a gun.
Columbo basically goads Oliver into confessing by saying that one of the other high IQ guys is smarter than him.
During this episode we learn that Mrs Columbo is good at puzzles, Columbo’s nephew is studying to be an accountant, he can’t think of a time when he wasn’t working and at school lots of kids were smarter than him.
I watched this episode on a train. Fellow passengers radiated envy.

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