Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Season 8, Episode 1- Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

Elliot Blake is a doctor is para-psychology, a bit like Peter Venkman but not as funny or good looking. Along with a luscious haired lady called Paula he runs a psychic institute, which is basically just a load of old nonsense. The CIA are going to fund the institute if they can prove for sure Elliot is not a con man. They get in top exposer of psychics Max the Magnificent to test him. However Max and Elliot know each other, they were in a Ugandan prison together and Max taught Elliot loads of fake psychic tricks. Elliot is also pretty sure that Max sold him out for his own freedom. The solution? Chop off his head with a magic guillotine.
Columbo shows up at 24 minutes and 34 seconds. He enlists Elliot’s help to solve the case, all the time knowing that Elliot is the murderer. Classic Columbo move.
The columboid is Columbo almost getting his head chopped off.
This is the first of the 1980s episodes and Columbo now wears glasses, he is still allowed to smoke cigars at crime scenes. He also carries an egg in his pocket and wears a wizards hat.
During this episode we find out that Columbo’s wife buys psychic magazines.
I was encouraged to watch this episode by @thefeudalsystem

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