Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Season 8, Episode 2- Murder, Smoke and Shadows

Alex Brady is some kind of film director wunderkind. His old friend Lenny comes to visit him but Lenny doesn’t seem happy. It seems he’s found some old footage of Alex killing his sister Jenny is an horrific accident. Lenny isn’t too pleased about Alex killing his sister and lying about it for years. Alex doesn’t want the truth to come out so he electrocutes Lenny.
Columbo comes along at 21 minutes and 25 seconds and is playing with a train set. He doesn’t leave Alex alone. Alex appears to be genuinely mentally ill.
The columboid is a mass of circumstantial evidence.
Things we learn about Columbo: he’s scared of heights, he likes ice cream sodas and his mother would chop off his hands if he turned down the pages of a book.
During this episode I wore egg yolk yellow socks and a matching cardigan.


  1. Have found you via Brautigan club.

    I sense Columbo is just the tip of your CreativeBerg. Am I right?

    If this weren't a blog but a BBC3 comedy series, you'd be as big as Miranda Hart mark my word Manifold.

    Only 4 members? That's the Internet for you.

    1. What can I say? I guess people just don't like Columbo as much as me...
      Will you be at BBC on Tuesday? We can talk about writing if you are.

  2. Actually, where i am, there are four old men (including me) who are rediscovering the quaint genius of Falk's Columbo. We are also concluding that the scriptwriters of the series were pure gems in their ability to plot out the ideas and mechanics of each episode.

    Thank you for sharing your passion; i've only been to London/England once but hope one day if life still holds out, to do so again.