Sunday, 7 October 2012

Season 8, Episode 4- Grand Deceptions

Colonel Frank Brealey is running a kind of military academy, that’s not really a military academy, it’s something else. Good old General Pagett is the money behind the academy, little does he know that Frank is doing some unspecified illegal stuff using the ‘Special Projects’ file. Frank is also sleeping with the General’s lovely young wife. And by sleeping with I mean sexing with. A guy called Lester knows all this and he’s going to rat him out. So whilst Frank is setting up a bunch of toy soldiers for the General’s birthday he sneaks out blows Lester up.
Columbo shows up at 22 minutes and 2 seconds and he knows the score. There are some shenanigans with the special projects file and a fake special projects file before Frank is inevitably caught.
The Columboid is the books won’t fit in the box!
Things we learn about Columbo: His car is a collector’s item and his nephew is a civil war re-enactor.
I really wanted a puppy during this episode. Really.

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