Sunday, 7 October 2012

Season 9, Episode 1- Murder: A Self Portrait

The opening of this episode grabs the public and gives them what they want, i.e. loads of shots of basset hounds. It’s some kind of competition. There are costumes and howling and Columbo comes along at 1 minutes and 32 seconds. All this is then kind of forgotten about for a bit.
There’s an artist called Max Barsini. He has two wives and a girlfriend and they all live together. Maybe this will all be fine and work out really well… Oh, his first wife is going to leave him. This does not please him so he kills her. He pretends he’s painting a picture but all the while he’s killing her.
Columbo comes back and flatters Barsini until he arrests him for murder.
The columboid is ‘Barsini red’ paint and brush cleaner and Freudian interpretations of dreams.
Things we learn about Columbo: his uncle was a medical doctor.
During this episode I packed for a Swedish adventure.

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